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12 Instagram Reel Ideas To Boost Your Engagement.​

Feeling Like Your Instagram Content Just Isn’t Getting Seen?

Whether you are running a business on Instagram or have a well-established Instagram account already, keeping up your levels of engagement can feel like a never ending challenge.  With Instagram Reels being an excellent way to increase your reach across the platform it should be something you include in your social media strategy.

Knowing what content to post can feel tricky. What type of photos should you be posting? What kind of stories are interesting and engaging to people? How do I get more likes, saves and shares on my posts and reels?  Don’t worry, were are here to help get those instagram reel ideas flowing.

Here Are 12 Instagram Reel Ideas To Get People Engaging With Your Content!

Show Off Your Wins

The most obvious Reels idea is also one of the most effective — show off your work.

Display Your Skills

Reels that showcase the talent it takes to create your product or service are always a great idea.

Invite Participation

The more engagement you get, the better your Reels will do. But you don’t have to wait for comments to roll in on their own. Instead, create Reels that encourage interaction.

Go Behind The Scenes

Go on, show off a little behind-the-scenes magic. If you’re setting up a shoot anyway, take a few moments to create some loose B-roll footage.

Share Your Values

If your brand is passionate about its practices, share them! Maybe you’re all about ethically sourced materials or sustainable packaging. Why not tell the world with a Reel?

Reel VS Reality

If you’re already going behind the curtain, take it a step further. Get a little vulnerable about life as a business owner. People love original content that shows off the human side of your brand.

Tell It Like It Is

Brands that aren’t afraid of a little authentic expression always find an audience. The Reels format is a perfect venue for this.

Use Filters

Sure, being raw and real is one way to get the message out. Still, that might not feel like the right fit for your brand. If so, you can explore the world of augmented reality (AR) Instagram filters.

Count It Down

You’ve got a full minute to fill on Reels, and that’s actually a solid amount of time to count down your top faves.

Do Before & Afters

There’s nothing better than a makeover montage, right?  If your work involves any type of transformation, Reels might be the perfect opportunity for your business.

Get Musical

The internet will always love dancing videos and Instagram Reels are no different. Just make sure you’re dancing to this week’s trends, not last year’s.

Create A Tutorial

The internet is still the main way people learn how to do, well, anything. So using social media to share your expertise, no matter what it’s in, is always a good idea.

I Hope That Was Reel-ly Useful (sorry I had to)!

So there you have it!  Even if you only do 2 reels a week, you have 6 weeks worth of Instagram content to get your audience engaging and increase your reach! 

If content creation just isn’t something you can bring yourself to deal with, we can help you!  Fill in our enquiry form here and we’ll be in touch!

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