5 Reasons Why Boosting Your Instagram Posts Won’t Help You Grow

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Welcome to our friendly corner of the digital marketing world! One question we often hear amongst online businesses is, “I’ve boosted my Instagram posts, but why haven’t I had many more followers?” 

Well… we’re going to get into more detail about the reality of boosting your Instagram posts and why it might not be the ultimate solution for growing your online presence.

Instagram is an incredible platform for businesses and individuals, but relying solely on boosted posts may not give you the sustainable growth you’re looking for. Let’s dive into five reasons why this might be the case.

Limited Targeting Options

Boosting posts on Instagram can help you reach a wider audience by targeting specific demographics, interests, or locations. However, compared to other advanced advertising platforms, the targeting options for boosted Instagram posts are somewhat limited. This means you might struggle to connect with the most relevant audience for your brand, which can impact engagement and conversions.

Lack of Customisation

Boosted posts on Instagram aim to increase visibility within a defined budget, but they lack the customisation options that really enable you to focus on precise targeting and message delivery. Customising your content to really resonate with specific segments of your audience is key to building a strong brand identity and creating meaningful connections. Unfortunately, boosting posts may not provide the level of customisation that you need to achieve these goals.

Temporary Boost, Temporary Results

It’s important to remember that when you boost a post on Instagram, the increased visibility and reach are only temporary. Once the boost ends, your post returns to its original organic reach, and the engagement and exposure it generated during the boosted period may drop off significantly. This temporary nature makes it hard to establish consistent and sustainable growth on the platform.

Neglecting Organic Growth

Relying solely on boosted posts might sideline your organic growth strategies. Organic growth involves nurturing an engaged and loyal audience through relevant and interesting content, the effective use of hashtags, engagement, and consistent posting. These elements are key to building an authentic connection with your audience, building long-term relationships and brand loyalty. By focusing too much on boosting posts, you risk neglecting the essential aspects of organic growth.

Ignoring the Importance of Content Strategy

While boosting posts can increase visibility, it doesn’t help your overall Instagram success like a well-defined content strategy can. High-quality, relevant and engaging content is the backbone of any successful Instagram account. Boosting odd posts, without any real strategy or approach to content creation and curation will only attract temporary attention and won’t contribute to any sustainable growth or loyal invested followings.

To truly thrive on your Instagram, you need to invest your time and effort to really understand your target audience and create content that grabs their attention, offers value, and aligns with your brand values. If you’re throwing unplanned, quick posts at your wall, with little thought, then boosting it for extra likes, unfortunately, this isn’t going to work.

Are You Ready To Focus On Organic Growth On Instagram?

While boosting your posts can give you a temporary boost to your posts, it’s not going to give you the results you want long term. You must consider a more organic growth strategy to achieve long-term success on your socials and if you are planning on running adverts, looking at options that allow you to really target the right audience.

So, instead of relying solely on boosted posts, it’s time you take it back to the drawing board and really look at who you are targeting and what that specific group is looking for. Once you’ve established this, planning relevant, valuable and compelling content while being consistent is going to help you on your way to getting seen online!

The world of Instagram marketing can be a confusing one, but we are here to help you on your way. Whether you’re looking to run adverts online, take your business back to basics and create a social media strategy or just need some help creating content… get in touch!

We hope you found this helpful and wish you all the best in growing your socials and 


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